Tom Marple

Tom Marple

What a long strange trip its been. Currently an instructor of graphic deign at an upper midwest college.  Prior to teaching and being a designer (best profession ever), I worked as a conservationist, dairy farmer, cowboy, traveler, urban gardener and artist. Recently I’ve become involved with the Iditarod Dog Sled Race as a volunteer. Posts will be of travels with healthy doses of my life in general including recent projects I’ve given myself, see below.

Visual Puns

As a creative challenge to myself for 2014, my goal is to post 50 visual puns or gags by January 2015. For your convenience there is a :Visual Puns” tab on the menu bar at the top of the page where you can view all the puns to date. I have gotten great response and will occasionally post a guest pun with the contributors name next to my signature.

Travel Journal Tips

I gave a presentation in November of 2013 on keeping Travel Journals. The class was small, but, I’ve gotten questions and comments from beyond that session. These posts are an attempt to answer those questions. I plan a monthly post on what I’ve learned over the years and I hope it will appeal to  veteran and rookie travel journal keepers alike. All of the these posts can be accessed by clicking on the “Journal Tips” tab at the top of the page in the menu bar.


14 responses to “About

  1. Hey!
    I’ve looked around your blog, and I really like it. So I hope you don’t mind if I nominate you for the Leibster Award. If you choose to accept it, that would be great! If not, it’s your choice and I’m completely fine with that.


  2. blackbearsand

    Hey Tom great site

  3. Carole Besharah

    Love the visual puns challenge!!! As someone with limited formal Art training, I am learning a lot from your blog. Thank you.

  4. puddlesofinkk

    Hey 🙂 I love your blog so much – your art is truly amazing! and that’s why you’re one of my nominations for the Liebster Award! Check out https://puddlesofinkk.wordpress.com/2014/10/25/the-liebster-award-a-k-a-my-longest-post-ever-p/ for more information 🙂 Can’t wait to see your answers!

    I’ve just seen one of your previous responses where you declined the award – just wanted you to know that I still appreciate your work and I’d still like to leave a link to your profile on my post just so others could check out your stuff?

  5. really inspiring, great work!

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