Dead Horses – “All I Really Need to Know”

Always enjoy discovering new talent or at  least talent new to me. Can’t go wrong with poetic lyrics such as “…holy mountiain fountain flow, caught in the shade of the cloud shadow…” and “…hearts laid on the road, mingled and mixed with the earth below.”  From Dead Horses album, Cartoon Moon, released September 30, 2016. I could listen to the voice of Sarah Vos all day. Enjoy


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Cover Picture

In the last post I showed a sketch I did on site (in gale force winds) overlaid onto an image I took of what I was sketching ( a herd of bison on the Little Missouri River in Theodore Roosevelt National Park). I was contacted by the folks that created the above publication. They asked if they could use it for an article on TRNP. They decided to use it on the cover instead of the inside.


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Journal Entry 06/16/2017: Quick Sketch in the badlands

Just got back from a couple days in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North dakota. Above is a gif of a sketch I did overlaying a photo of the scene I sketched. I used a 9B pencil with a paper stump for blending. The wind was blowing 40 mph—oh the challenges of sketching on site in the elements.

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Journal Entry 6/10/2017: True Artist

My significant other quilts and gardens. She makes our hovel livable. I clutter the floors with unsold paintings and “experiments” in art. She is the truest of artist in this family.

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Journal entry 5/24/17: Robert Zimmerman’s Birthday

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May 25, 2017 · 2:42 am

Shortcuts: The Design Experiment

If you’re in the Bismarck, ND area on April 24th let’s say around 7 pm, make sure you take in the Shortcuts event. Visit the FaceBook Event page for more information. A great example of what a group of graphic designers can put together with no money, but a lot of creativity.

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Journal Entry 4/10/17: Canadian Music

Years ago, I used to live next to the border between Canada and the U.S. This was pre-internet days and I didn’t have a TV, but I had a radio and it was tuned into the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). I discovered great artists and music like Bare Naked Ladies, Crash Test Dummies and Stan Rogers. I miss those days. However I got to relive them a tiny bit with the of discovery of another Canadian singer/songwriter I hadn’t heard before. Here is Kathleen Edwards from Ottawa performing my new favorite song “In State.”

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