Journal Entry 06/16/2017: Quick Sketch in the badlands

Just got back from a couple days in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North dakota. Above is a gif of a sketch I did overlaying a photo of the scene I sketched. I used a 9B pencil with a paper stump for blending. The wind was blowing 40 mph—oh the challenges of sketching on site in the elements.

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Journal Entry 6/10/2017: True Artist

My significant other quilts and gardens. She makes our hovel livable. I clutter the floors with unsold paintings and “experiments” in art. She is the truest of artist in this family.

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Journal entry 5/24/17: Robert Zimmerman’s Birthday

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May 25, 2017 · 2:42 am

Shortcuts: The Design Experiment

If you’re in the Bismarck, ND area on April 24th let’s say around 7 pm, make sure you take in the Shortcuts event. Visit the FaceBook Event page for more information. A great example of what a group of graphic designers can put together with no money, but a lot of creativity.

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Journal Entry 4/10/17: Canadian Music

Years ago, I used to live next to the border between Canada and the U.S. This was pre-internet days and I didn’t have a TV, but I had a radio and it was tuned into the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). I discovered great artists and music like Bare Naked Ladies, Crash Test Dummies and Stan Rogers. I miss those days. However I got to relive them a tiny bit with the of discovery of another Canadian singer/songwriter I hadn’t heard before. Here is Kathleen Edwards from Ottawa performing my new favorite song “In State.”

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Journal Entry 2/19/17: Working on Illustrations


Working on three illustrations that will full spreads for an issue of an upcoming publication. I will post once they are published and where you can obtain a copy. Top illustration is done in ink and watercolor. Bottom illustration is a rough experimenting with acrylic, graphite and watercolor. All three illustrations are editorial in nature.


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VP 75: Snow Drifter


After three major snow storms in December, we’ve seen a few of these characters around town.

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