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VP # 83: Snow Bank

Why? Because I live in a northern climate and we’re about to be hit by a Snownamee. Next 48 hours we are to get 10–14 inches of snow. I also Know that once you get to the far reaches of the north banking is much different that in the lower 48.


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VP 75: Snow Drifter


After three major snow storms in December, we’ve seen a few of these characters around town.

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Between Storms


Up to this point we’ve had 29 inches of snow in seven days. As I was finishing up shoveling snow from the driveway last night, the sky opened up for a brief 30 seconds giving us this light show. Back to reality—We are in the midst of a full-blown blizzard with no travel advised and all schools and government offices closed. Wind is gusting to 50 mph and wind chills are well below zero. A poem I saw recently on the Writer’s Almanac that I thought fit this image.

I’ll tell you how the Sun rose…

I’ll tell you how the Sun rose —
A Ribbon at a time —
The Steeples swam in Amethyst —
The news, like Squirrels, ran —
The Hills untied their Bonnets —
The Bobolinks — begun —
Then I said softly to myself —
“That must have been the Sun”!
But how he set — I know not —
There seemed a purple stile
That little Yellow boys and girls
Were climbing all the while —
Till when they reached the other side,
A Dominie in Gray —
Put gently up the evening Bars —
And led the flock away —

“I’ll tell you how the Sun rose…” by Emily Dickinson. Public Domain.

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Journal Entry 11/30/2016: After the Storm


Finally after a three day snow storm and digging out (18 inches of new snow), I took a minute to sip coffee and capture this scene from the comfort of my living room. Pen/Ink/Watercolor.

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