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Iditarod 2018: Vet Book

The 46th running of the Iditarod kicked off in earnest on Sunday with its 2:00 pm restart in Willow, AK yesterday (3/4/2018). Above is a spread lifted from my Iditarod journal. It shows the “Vet Book” that all mushers are required to carry from checkpoint to checkpoint. The bright yellow covers make these little, waterproof notebooks easy to spot in the pocket of a sled when the head checkpoint vet needs to sign off on the mandatory vet checks.


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Journal Entry 06/16/2017: Quick Sketch in the badlands

Just got back from a couple days in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North dakota. Above is a gif of a sketch I did overlaying a photo of the scene I sketched. I used a 9B pencil with a paper stump for blending. The wind was blowing 40 mph—oh the challenges of sketching on site in the elements.

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VP 75: Snow Drifter


After three major snow storms in December, we’ve seen a few of these characters around town.

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VP 71: Cast A Vote


It’s been a rough and tumble Presidential Campaign this year. Let’s hope we all make it to the finish line—Election Day is November 8, 2016. Make sure you vote! Early voting has already started in many states.

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Journal Entry 9/14/16: Viking Cafe


If you ever find yourself in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, make sure the Viking Cafe is on your list of places to hit while you’re there. I was so impressed by the meal I got there last time that I had to illustrate it (above). This was the Roast Turkey Special for @ $8.50 (coffee extra). As I say in my notes this was a true cornucopia of food: Slabs of turkey (white & dark), mashed potatoes and dressing smothered with gravy and peas (from the can) scattered on top, a roll with butter, two little cups of cranberry relish (surprisingly good) and a custard dessert with whip cream and nuts. If you get coffee it is adequate and fresh, because they make it by the gallons, no matter how many people are in the cafe (always full) your cup will never drop below half. Once you experience coffee at the Viking your outlook on life will always be “the cup is half full and please no more coffee.”


Not the most attractive building on the outside, a victim of downtown renewal attempts in the 70s and 80s, but don’t let the outside facade fool you. On the inside the cafe is full of wooden booths where the holes for the old nickelodeons are still visible. There is some gratuitous viking decorations on the wall but the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. If all the seats are taken, which happens often, wait patiently at the front by the till for the next available booth. God (or should I say Odin) I love this place.


Fergus Falls is located 50 miles SE of Fargo, ND and 180 miles NW of the Twin Cities on I-94. The cafe is on main street on the south side. Parking in the back. There has been a Viking Cafe long before there ever was a professional football team called the Minnesota Vikings.

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Journal Entry 9/12/16: Watercolor Palette


Been a long time since I’ve done anything for myself. Hopefully this will be the beginning of some creative blog entries. Quick sketch (pen and ink, watercolor) of a watercolor palette I made from an Altoids tin. Here is a link to a post I did on how to make this handy little travel kit.  Since it’s creation I’ve taken it everywhere. It easily fits in a shirt pocket for all you hipsters with untucked plaid shirts and skinny jeans that are too tight even for  this tiny master kit of art to fit  in the back pocket.

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VP 66: A Hover of Trout


I was reading about fishing and the author nonchalantly said that a group of trout was a hover. This image immediately popped into my mind.

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