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Cover Picture

In the last post I showed a sketch I did on site (in gale force winds) overlaid onto an image I took of what I was sketching ( a herd of bison on the Little Missouri River in Theodore Roosevelt National Park). I was contacted by the folks that created the above publication. They asked if they could use it for an article on TRNP. They decided to use it on the cover instead of the inside.



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Camp Stove From Beer Can. Cookers and Fuel for the Iditarod.

As a backpacker (and penny pincher) I was impressed with this clip on how to build an ultra lite camp stove from an aluminum beverage can. I plan on making one of these this year and using it without starting anything on fire. Also attached is a sketch from my Iditarod Sketchbook showing what marathon dog mushers use (cooker and fuel) on the trail to heat water in minus degree weather. I was informed that the fuel pan fits inside the cooker.

Heet for Fuel

From Iditarod Sketch Book on fuel and cookers used on the trail. Heet and a cooker are considered mandatory equipment and must be in the sled when the musher lands in Nome.

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