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Shortcuts: The Design Experiment

If you’re in the Bismarck, ND area on April 24th let’s say around 7 pm, make sure you take in the Shortcuts event. Visit the FaceBook Event page for more information. A great example of what a group of graphic designers can put together with no money, but a lot of creativity.


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Great Documentary on Creative Briefs

Basset & Partners has just released an awesome documentary on how some of the greatest design minds use and perceive the creative brief. If you have 26 minutes to spare I highly recommend that you watch it.

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Live KayFabe is Fabulous


I recently received my supply of KayFabe active wear and “I’m loving it” (back off McDonalds I kept the i in loving). These tees and stickers bring honor and legitimacy to pro wrestling every where/wear. You may be asking, how I can talk about pro wrestling with such authority? I actually went to school with Brock Lesnar when he was at Bismarck State College. We even walked together during commencement to receive our diplomas. Granted, Brock remembers me about as much as the last mosquito he swatted, but I’ll take my brushes with fame anyway it’s served.

I digress, here is a description of what Live KayFabe says about its products straight from its Facebook Fan Page — “Live Kayfabe is a lifestyle brand dedicated to providing t-shirts to REAL professional wrestling fans.

Sooner or later, every professional wrestling fan grows up. But, you can still love professional wrestling and not be ashamed to show it. We design t-shirts for professional wrestling fans that don’t want to look like a professional wrestling fan.

If you’re looking for a cheap-ass shirt with a cartoon of your favorite half-naked man on the chest, this ain’t the place for you. Live Kayfabe t-shirts are designed by REAL designers that love professional wrestling. Our shirts are printed on high quality t-shirts, using fancy silk-screen techniques.”

Below is a gallery of the stickers and teeshirts I received. The quality is excellent and the attention to detail is uncanny. The shirts are made in Mexico and Nigaragua. You can’t get anymore Lucha Libre than that.


I know the designer (much more than I do Brock Lesnar) of this brand of clothing and highly endorse it. His passion shows in the design. For more on this fabulous brand go to

Now for those of us who want to know what the heck Kayfabe means click here: KAYFABE

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Massimo Vignelli Passes Away at 83

“The life of a designer is a life of fight against the ugliness.” —Massimo Vignelli

Graphic designers world wide are mourning the loss of Massimo Vignelli (May 27, 2014). If you’ve ever flown on American Airlines, shopped Bloomingdales, used the NYC subway system or visited a National Park, you’ve been impacted by the design of Vignelli. Tributes are starting to trickle out about this great man and champion against ugliness.  Below are some recent articles on Massimo:

Here is a great article on Vignelli by Ellen Shapiro of Print Magazine.

Massimo’s Heraldic Newspaper

Style Icon: Massimo Vignelli

Massimo Vignelli, 1931-2014 by Michael Bierut

One gift that Vignelli has left behind for posterity is “The Vignelli Canon”, a small booklet of design wisdom. Click on the image below to down load a pdf of this priceless document. Rest in peace Massimo.



(Below) Big Think Interview With Massimo Vignelli

(36 minutes)

(Below) Massimo Makes Books (Grids)

(2.5 minutes)

“If ou do it right, it will last forever.”
 — Massimo Vignelli

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To Get Good Work…

“Best way to get good work is to do good work.”

—Kevin Tong, Illustrator

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Kevin Tong — Master Illustrator & Poster Designer to Present at Bismarck State College

Kevin Tong  stands with some of his work (image from Kevin's Facebook Fan page).

Kevin Tong stands with some of his work (image from Kevin’s Facebook Fan page).

Once again the college I work for (Bismarck Sate College) is bringing another top notch Illustrator/Designer to campus — Kevin Tong. Kevin is one of the hottest illustrators in the country right now. A freelance illustrator from Los Angeles, Kevin has done band posters for The Black Keys and Bon Ivers and for movies such as Gravity and The Watchmen. Below is a time lapse video as Kevin creates the Watchmen poster.

Kevin’s presentation will showcase his work as an illustrator and his creative process.

When and Where: April 30, 2014, 7:30 pm;
Sidney J. Lee Auditorium (on BSC campus).
Free and open to the public.

Images are from Kevin Tong’s Facebook Fan page and are only being used to promote this event. 



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Metal Arts—Watching Hot Bronze Become Letters

I had the opportunity to tour Metal Arts and L&H Manufacturing today with our advanced graphic design class. Metal Arts is based in Mandan, North Dakota. They make metal type and plaques. Chances are you’ve seen their work. We got to watch them pour bronze and aluminum letters. The sister company of L&H Manufacturing is the largest producer of branding irons in the country. Below are some images I took of the bronze pour.


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