Adding Color

22 x 9 inch graphite on heavy watercolor paper.

I’m working on some agriculturally related illustrations for an up coming publication. When I started the illustration above I kept anding texture and value. I got way more detailed than I intended. I liked the way it looked. When I showed it to the client they said , “add color.” So I did. Adding color for me is dipping a brush in water and paint and going for it. A lot of color these days are added digitally. I still can’t duplicate what I can do with a brush. I can’t undo it, but hey, that’s half the fun. Below are the results.

22 x9 inches, Watercolor washes over graphite on watercolor paper.




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2 responses to “Adding Color

  1. Michelle

    Amazing work! I’m blown away by the amount of detail that you are able to capture and the discipline you have to do so. I have to admit that I love the color you added, and your ability to keep the watercolor so controlled.

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