Taking Inventory



I took advantage of an empty living room (carpet cleaning) and laid out oil paintings I’ve done over the years. It was fun to evaluate where I was at and where I’m heading as a painter. I think this is a good practice for any creative. I do this with graphic design all the time.

I have several projects planned this summer— painting, printing, digital and sketching. I also have several projects that have been on the back burner for far to long and need to be completed. As the summer moves along, I promise to post a progress report from time to time.


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2 responses to “Taking Inventory

  1. I love that painting in the bottom left hand corner. I’d like to see a full size picture of that one. Is that done from a picture of yourself? Glad to hear you’re creating through the summer. I look forward to seeing your projects.

    • Thanks. No it was one of the first oil painting I ever did. From an old magazine image (before I understood copyright issues) hence, it stays in storage except for the occasional dusting.

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