VP #54: Lipstick



In the north country lipstick may not be a good thing, especially at -40 below. When that happens schools are usually cancelled, but that doesn’t keep kids from venturing outside. Of coarse lots of boiling water is tossed in the air to see it disintegrate into ice crystals. Not a good thing if you’re trying to unstick someone from a light pole.

I remember when school was cancelled for -50 and bundling up and walking out to stand on the railroad tracks behind our house to say I was outside at that temp. This was in the 70s in northern MN. If you think I’m exaggerating the lowest temp on record  for MN was -60 in Embarrass, MN  on Feb 2, 1996.

I remember in the 70s Embarrass having the lowest temps in the nation many times and  the weather report being given over KDHL (Duluth) radio by the “official” weather guy in Embarrass (located on the Iron Range) and he said, “We aint reading these temps from some Coca Cola thermometer on the side of a shed, we have an official weather station!”

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