VP #25: Crack Addict



Not the most intellectual Visual Pun I’ve ever done, but hey, we are allowed to take a step backwards once in a while. Disclaimer: In no way am I making fun of true addictions or of the plumbing profession. In fact I miss my plumber who retired a few years ago. He replaced a water heater and fixed our leaks for years before I ever met him. We trusted him to enter our house and he trusted us to pay the bill. All business transactions were by phone conversations and the bills due, were left on the kitchen counter.

For those who have never opened a phone book or used the Yellow Pages, they will not get the A1 part of the gag. The A was added to a lot of businesses so they would be listed first in the category you were searching in the phone book.


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2 responses to “VP #25: Crack Addict

  1. ken paulus

    Should not be A-1 Plumbing School but LOCAl 300 Plumbing School in Mandan.

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