VP #20: Haul’n Oats



This one was pitched to me by Jeff E. as Hall & Oates (enjoy music video below). Jeff has horses and I think his vision was of a person carrying a bag of oats.

Not my vision. So I went with what I know: Sitting in a small grain truck at the end of the field with no air conditioning or clouds in the sky with the Hubbard Grain Elevator thermometer placed on the seat showing 100 degrees.

My job was to wait for the tiny hopper on the combine to fill and then I would drive to it so our neighbor Henry could dump his load. I was small and could barely reach the pedals and was not allowed to shift gears, but,  I still felt like I was going 50 mph. Every time the truck would go over a small rock or clod of dirt the load would shift and my heart would leap into my throat.

I’m surprised I didn’t get heat stroke, but I did get to read lots of comic books while waiting for Henry to wave at me. When I forgot to look up from a particularly engrossing comic, Henry’s motions became a little more “urgent” to say the least.


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