VP #18 Root Sailor



This pun feeds off the last one I did. While I was doing Root Seller someone read my caption and it sounded like Root Sailor, giving me this visual. I decided to do a pirate theme. The captain is a carrot because of his flamboyant, flowing top. The side kick is a potato and he’s angry. Instead of having Captain Jack Carrot say “Shiver me timbers” I have him saying “Shiver me tatters.”

The flag is a beet or rutabaga crossed with french fry crossbones to continue the “root crop” theme.  I lightened the flag at the curve to push the waving part further to the background. To make it look like a ship I gave the railing a bowed look and placed lots of ropes hanging with purpose in the background. Since the flag is so dark I kept the sky white giving a feel of the type of openness you would find on the high seas.

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