If I Draw for Free It Will Be For Me


I made one resolution this year: Stop doing free design/art work  before my own projects and paid work. As artists or designers we tend to be introverted, go with the flow and are easily manipulated by individuals that can’t do what we do, but want it for nothing. I have a coffee support group that tells me to stop giving it away every time I sit down and sip java with them. Doug, Gary I’m listening. I will still continue to do “free” design and art work for causes I’m passionate about (causes that I PICK) and for friends and family that have been loyal to me over the years.

This is how I make a living. I do have a set rate I charge for design/art work — feel free to contact me and we’ll discuss. Otherwise I’m doing my own thing and hopefully this will include several design challenges with my friend Lance.


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2 responses to “If I Draw for Free It Will Be For Me

  1. Doug

    Way to go Tom! Professionals are compensated for their work.

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