BSC Alumni Art Exhibit

I will be participating in an Alumni Art Exhibition at Bismarck State College. The exhibition will run September 23 through October 25, 2013 in the Gannon Gallery which is located within the BSC Library.

A reception will be held Wednesday, October 16 from 4-6 p.m. All exhibitors are encouraged to participate. Sorry no spirits at this reception, but, strong coffee and plenty of baked goods for the viewer and why not, viewing art with a critical eye is hungry work.

As a proud Alumnus of BSC I was honored to take part in this biennial event. Below are my two entries. I hope to see you on October 16th.

Badland Sentinels—TRNP, Oil, 16x20

Badland Sentinels—TRNP, Oil, 16×20

Bandlands Cap Rock—TRNP, Oil, 12x12

Bandlands Cap Rock—TRNP, Oil, 12×12


Filed under Bandlands, Bismarck State College, Oil Painting

3 responses to “BSC Alumni Art Exhibit

  1. Johanna

    Love them both! Looking forward to spending a month surrounded by amazing pieces. I love working in the heart of the Gannon Art Gallery.

  2. Sara

    Awesome workTom! I think of you every when I look at the pencil drawing of the falls……..sara

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