BAGA Holds Annual Square Foot Show—August 6–30, 2013

Once again I will be participating in BAGA’s (Bismarck Arts and Galleries Association) Annual Square Foot Show. Artists must submit a completed 12×12 inch canvas (or two). Media can be oil, water based or mixed media. All art work is for sale for $130 per canvas. Last year, several “seasoned” artists participated, allowing collectors to pick up some reasonably priced art (which was all purchased prior to the reception). So my recommendation normally would be, check out the show during regular business hours the week of the reception and make your purchases before hand. But this year BAGA’s not allowing any “cherry picking” for this show and you’ll have to wait until the reception to see and buy art work. I hope this signals a permanent change for future shows allowing everyone an equal chance.

If you didn’t see the show last year, make sure you check it out, it’s something to behold. The art work is hung in a grid. Linda (curator) does a great job of hanging the canvases by colors, shapes and subjects that  mesh well together. The art will hang from August 6–30, 2013. A reception will be held on August 6th from 5:00–7:00 pm.  BAGA receptions (regardless of the show) can be loads of fun with finger foods, wine and lots of elbow rubbing. Below are my 2013 entries.

"Ewe Look Marvelous" 12x12, Oil
“Ewe Look Marvelous” 12×12, Oil
"Winter's Last Gasp" 12x12, Oil
“Winter’s Last Gasp” 12×12, Oil
see: Perceive with the eyes; discern visually

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