By a Whisker

I was sent this link by Karen Ramstead: Beards Keep You Young, Healthy and Handsome, Says Science. Well, I have lived a year now with a beard and I can only say that Science has gotten this one right. Let me prove it. I have volunteered for two Iditarods, 2012 (beardless) and 2013 with a, some would say, substantial beard. I sat down with pen and paper and came up with these results:

Number of Facebook friends added after my volunteer stint: Beardless—0, With Beard—40

Number of people asking me when I’m going to leave with my team for the next checkpoint: Beardless—0, With Beard—4

Number of times I was asked to come back and go caribou hunting: Beardless—0, With Beard—2

Number of beers bought for me: Beardless—0, With Beard—4

Number of times a ski plane landed in the middle of Anchorage 50 ft from my hotel room to drop me off: Beardless—0, With Beard—1

May I add that I spent five more days on the trail in 2012 when I did not have a beard.



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3 responses to “By a Whisker

  1. ken

    I still think Tom should be riding a Harley! Black vest too!

  2. Who knew that beard cred and street cred were synonymous? Love it. Heheh. Also it’s fun to be able to come and check out your blog! : D

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