Years ago I picked up an Iditarod Race Annual Manual (it rhymes). I don’t remember which one, while visiting my parents. Maybe a late 70’s annual. Why would I even be looking at an Iditarod publication? Well for starters my older bother (Allen) competed in and completed the 1976 Iditarod and finished in 31st place (21 days 14 hours). Congrats Bro. This was pre internet. I remember my parents subscribing to the Anchorage paper and receiving it several days after the fact. We would go days without getting a paper and other days we would receive four papers at once. If I remember right brother Allen  called the folks to tell them he had arrived in Nome before they read it in the paper.

As an artist I was intrigued by the images I saw. Here are some sketches I did of Dick Mackey and Tom Mercer based on the images from those manuals. Enjoy.



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